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A Life-Time Enchanting Journey — The 2010 D.C. Miss Chinese American Beauty Pageant and Me

It’s been almost two weeks since the Grand Finale of the 2010 D.C. Miss Chinese American Beauty Pageant, yet for me it feels like it has just happened last night.
The grand music hall full of cheering crowds, the elegant orchestra, my fellow glamorous beauty pageant finalists, and of course, the bitterness and sweets from the past two months’ training—these exciting moments and scenes all look like they just happened.

I said to myself the night before the finale, that no matter what the result would be, it was already the time of my life.

The night before the finale, my house got blacked out for the whole night as the heavy storms hit the Northwest D.C. areas, and I got more scared by the fact that I was the only one staying in the house for the night since all my roomies were out for the night. At the same time, I couldn’t locate the bracelets and necklace that mom and grandma gave to me as signs of blessings, and being on the phone with my make up artist for almost half an hour trying to clearing out some miscommunications — Yes, I got very frustrated just the night before the finale and thought I wouldn’t be able to make it .

During that panic moment, I asked myself that did I really wanna quit in the last minute? After all these two months bitter and sweet training? the lovely fellow pageant girls that I had been hanging out with all the time? My friends who had purchased the tickets to come support me for the night? And not to mention me working my ass off in the gym and on my latin dance almost every single day during the past 2 months, sketching on the papers dozens of times with my designer friend just to finalize the evening gown design, riding metro and walking on my feet across D.C., Maryland and Virginia to look for the right latin dance dress and finally got to spend 3 nights to sew up my latin dress by myself, etc.

After the flashing back, I felt I had no reason to say no to the finale — I could not control others but I can control myself. I just need to beat myself up and try my best- so that when someday I looked back, I would not hesitate to say that no matter what the result was, it was already the time of my life.

It then was already the big time! Opening Group Dance and Self-Introduction — Great, done! Talent Show — Done! Almost like what I expected, but I still feel I could have done it better. Swimwsuit Competition—the two months’ almost-brutal work-out plan and healthy diet finally looking paid off. Evening Gown Competition — Done! On stage question — just being myself and looked like it was not bad. And I was done, Done, DONE, D.O.N.E for all the competition parts.

Here came the most exciting and long anticipated part: Time for announcing the winners!

In the backstage, I was actually already free from the nervousness and thinking what to eat when got home (yes, I love love food ).

I wasn’t expecting to win like a queen or princess. In my imagination — I was hoping that if I could win a single prize, such as the best dress, best posture, or best talent — that would already made my night. When the M.C.s and the VIPs were announcing the single awards one by one, and turned out that none — NONE of which was related to me — I was saying to myself: Ok, Serena, time to go home and eat.

When the M.C.s started to announce the top 5, I was already planning my little dinner and the Dim Sum date with the girls over the weekend in my head — my mind wasn’t very focusing on the Top 5 result since I was assured by myself that I wouldn’t be one of them, however I was truly happy to see my girls getting up on the front one by one receiving the awards that they deserve.

Therefore, when Mr. Gibson and Mr. He announced the 1st runner up was No. 11, Serena Lin — me myself — I got shocked and was not able to step up on the front until 30 seconds or so later. Suddenly the past two months memories flashing back, I was thinking about my parents in China, my wonderful time with the fellow finalists, and the hard works I had put into this pageant — I could not help but burst into tears.

I am actually glad that I was not asked to say something after the crowning since I honestly was full of mixed feeling and didn’t think I could actually talk….
But, I was asked by one of the judges after the pageant, that have I imagined to win, and I said that I tried to imagine what I would say if I got to win — which was part of the preparation for each finalist — but I had never expected that I would win in that way.

But you know what, given a second chance, I think I would still like to win in surprise, just like the famous saying “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get”

Inspired by this quote, I think I would just keep up the hard work—expecting less, working more and enjoying the good surprises in life.

If there is anyone that inspired me to walk into this pageant, I think that would be Audrey Hepburn—because when looking into her life path, I got to know more about the true beauty of a woman. It was the desire to reveal such philosophy of true beauty and elegancy to more fellow young Chinese American women and also to serve the Chinese American community that brought me to this journey. I believe it is a life-time enchanting journey as the winners from year to year will keep up the legend and pass down the spirits from generation to generation.

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone”
–Audrey Hepburn


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