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Street Glam Fashion Show

Walking up the stairs to enter the VIP reception area of the Street Glam Fashion Show
at Downtown Silver Spring, I noticed the crowds of people surrounding the perimeters of the runway, as well as clusters of spectators lining the stairs, anxiously waiting for the show to begin. Once I entered the dimly lit room with upbeat music resounding throughout, I couldn’t
help but stare at the gorgeous models dressed in the latest trends and looks from the newest designers and retailers, including New York and Co, Ksara Boutique, Booshie Designs, Kustom Looks Clothier, Amore by Elizabeth Stajka, and several more. I continued to make my way through room teeming with designers, photographers, agents, and models. In fact, I was even able to make the acquaintance of a rather well known acting and modeling agent and the Silver Spring Outstanding Teen 2010 winner. After helping myself to the sushi, muffins, and cookies courtesy of the neighboring restaurants, it was finally time to make our way downstairs to the heart of Downtown Silver Spring to watch the highly anticipated event.

It began with the tug of a model being dragged onto to the runway in nothing but a white wife-beater, black shorts and socks. Finally, after a little lipstick and the support of fellow models, she donned a stunning kimono, stomped down the runway, and thus marked the
beginning of Street Glam2010! Model after model strut down the catwalk in various outfits, some adorned in extravagant evening gowns, a few in simple suits, and others clothed in attire you could wear out to dinner on a Friday night. The flash of photographers, the pounding of music through speakers, and vibrant lights illuminating the runway made me feel like I was in the middle of Fashion Week in Milan. It was over all too quickly, as I had hoped to see even more styles from these talented designers. I walked away still thrilled from the experience of the show and immediately began planning when my next shopping trip to these stores and boutiques would be!

– Kathy Shi #6

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