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Finding The Way to Woman Success – A Saturday out for the 2008 D.C. Miss China winners’ performance at the Mystics game

As this year’s finalist of D.C Miss China beauty pageant, I was privileged to come and watch the winners of 2008 D.C. Miss China beauty pageant opening the Mystics game by singing the national anthem at Chinatown Verizon center last Saturday, August 15th.
Kathy Liu, winner of the 2008 D.C. Miss China also performed the internationally celebrated Chinese traditional dance—Peacock Dance during the break.

Although I was anticipated that the national award winning peacock dance was incredibly amazing, when Kathy started spinning and swaying, I still could not help holding my breath and being astonished by how engaging the dance would drag me into—the women power and the spirits that coming through the dance! The peacock dance earned a floor sweeping applause.

While sitting in the stadium watching these wonderful girls’ performance, I felt myself was surrounded by the pride to be a modern Chinese woman in the American society. I recall the lines from my favorite book “The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts” by the legendary writer Maxine Hong Kingston: “Once upon a time the world was so thick with ghosts, I could hardly breathe; I could hardly walk, limping my way around the White Ghosts and their cars.” This line well described that in the past decades, the image of Asian women and the social position they used to be. But now? Not anymore! The fierce peacock dance best stated the idea of fighting your own way out and thrive as an Asian woman in the American society. It’s fierce yet subtle, it’s sensual yet elegant, it’s beautiful, elegant and powerful. Both the peacock dance and the national anthem singing performance were so elegantly blended in the Mystics game, which again, states woman confidence and power.

I received such facebook messages from a facebook friend saying that she was thrilled to see the winners of the Chinese American beauty pageant singing the national anthem to open the Mystics game and this year’s finalists of D.C. Miss China were there to cheer for them. This facebook friend said in the message “I am impressed by the WOMAN POWER that these girls decently presenting in the show. I think it was so important for young ladies nowadays to know that they are beautiful, elegant and brilliant. It’s not easy, but I think the Chinese American young ladies are setting the golden standard”.
Thank you facebook friend! Though I never met you in person, but your kind words really have made all the bitter and sweet efforts that we went through this pageant paid off!

It’s a no brainer that the Washington Metropolitan Miss Chinese American Beauty Pageant(AKA, D.C. Miss China beauty pageant)has been creating opportunities for young Chinese American girls to succeed in life in each every way. The pageant also has allowed the girls as Chinese American descendents to thrive in both their professional and personal life to present a confident, elegant, brilliant and beautiful Chinese woman image in the mainstream American media and society.

By Serena Lin

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