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DC Miss China at Asian Festival

The Asian Festival was really fun! There were Indian, Filipino, Thai, and Vietnamese street foods. Just to name a few, there was satay chicken and beef, Thai noodle soup, Thai papaya salad, Filipino fried rice, Indian samosas, Thai ice tea, bubble tea, fresh-squeezed sugarcane juice, and many others that we don’t usually see in restaurants. Many of the performances were traditional Punjab dance, Filipino bamboo dance, Filipino anthem, and the place was flooded with people! Not only Pacific Asians but also Americans. Other than street foods there were little boutique stands selling different cultural clothing and accessories. The festival was perfect for grownups and children because in the back of the loud music and smoky street foods was a mini fairground with games, prizes, and rides.

As everyone was working hard for their food stand or boutique stand, the pageant girls were working hard standing on heels. Under an 80 degrees weather, we stood by our tent and handed out flyers for the second Washington Metropolitan Miss Chinese American Beauty Pageant on September 17th in the Strathmore Music Hall. Our executive director Chris Jan brought us some dim sum and water later on, but we had to keep our appearances fresh and clean so we couldn’t touch the hands-on street foods. We attracted many tourists, and took lots of pictures with people that are both leaving and entering the festival.

Overall it was a great experience. The publicity felt like a good warm-up on many of the events that are coming up for the pageant girls.

– Lucy #15

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